4 Teams with different parameters

Each team has its own advantages and disadvantages. Find your favorite team and upgrade it with the "Favorite Team" skill to make it more powerfull!

4 additional bonuses

Each bonus adds extra skills to your players. Learn how to use bonuses to win frequently. Use the best bonus for your playing style!

Earn new locations, weathers and game improvements after each game

After each game you will take a prize with some game improvement.


Tell about the game to your friends. Prepare for pending multiplayer "co-op" and "versus" modes.

Donate is not required!

We want to make our game with all its features available to anybody who wants to play it. We have in-app purchases but it is not required to make it.

Help us to improve the game

If you want to help us to make the game better you may buy something via in-app purchase or simply donate over the button.
All donated money will help us to make our games better.


Skill tree


Android game have been publishined

Street Soccer Creed web-page

Web page about Street Soccer Creed has been published!


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